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It’s never as easy as people think to make furniture.

There are underlying aspects we have to take into consideration that you won’t realise. When buying from an experienced joinery/furniture company you expect the best, so we are always researching and learning. Keeping ourselves updated keeps our furniture and designs one step ahead of our rivals.

We aim to reach every individual need you may have and pride ourselves in using the highest quality hardwoods. We also make extra effort to use traditional joinery methods other than screws and nails.


• Using as much sustainable timber as we possibly can.

• Reading moisture levels.

• Checking grain direction and growth rings.

• Looking for qualities in the timber that others may not have.

• Understanding different grades of each timber.

• Having an idea of how the finished product will look.

• What colour the timber will be for the clients requirements.

• Treating woodworm, not just to kill but to prevent future infestation.


We appreciate that some clients have a very specific design in mind, whereas others may not have this confirmed yet. We work closely with our clients to provide innovative ideas and designs to meet every criteria. Our consultations are completely free and we are happy to work alongside your specified budget if required. 

Keeping in touch with clients throughout production is a core value of ours, so photographs and videos throughout are a natural addition to the production process.

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