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This particular piece was commission based. Our prices differ with each project and vary depending on sizes and timber choices. Please contact us directly for a personal quote.


Sitting at a huge 3m x 3m, this is our biggest commission to date. After many unique designs were forwarded to the clients, they were sold on this design and we couldn’t agree more.


We hand picked two 4m slabs of pippy oak which were needed to create as much character as possible. Once planed and sanded, we were surprised to see not only the beautiful pippy knots, but also the brown ‘tiger markings’. These slabs of oak are extremely rare to come by and suited our clients criteria perfectly.


Each corner has been mitred to create a ‘waterfall’ effect, by which the grain is carried down vertically into each leg. With the live edge on this particular piece turned inwards, it was a longer and more difficult process to rebate the live edge for the glass. The pippy knots and un-uniform grain had to be delicately routered, planed and sanded to ensure there was minimal tear out. Once the enormous bespoke piece of glass was added, this project came to life.


We also create this style on a smaller scale to suit being a coffee table or dining table. If you have any enquiries, please fill out our contact form, email or telephone us directly.

3m x 3m Waterfall Coffee Table

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